• BEAT Jet Lag

    No matter how many time zones you cross, FLY GUM’s Liquid Core™ provides an instant, clean energy boost whenever you need it.

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  • Energize Every Adventure

    Make sure that every moment counts! Chew FLY GUM to keep moving and enjoy each experience.

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  • Stay Focused and Alert

    FLY GUM travels light, passes straight through security, and provides professional pilots with energy and focus for maximum performance.

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The FLY GUM® Story

We made FLY GUM for you because we use it and depend on it! Whether for a quick meeting with our partners in Amsterdam, a TV appearance straight off the plane in Shanghai, or a JetPack show in Dubai, we have been counting on our Liquid Core™ energy gum to help us through time zone changes for years. When we realized how well it worked, and how much we were depending on it, we knew we needed to share it. Apollo Brands LLC is proud to offer this insider jetlag cheat to you, whether for business, adventure, or professional travel.